Vlada BriksMy name is Vlada Briks and I am a certified Konmari consultant as of July 2017. The journey took me almost a year, but I’ve been able to really master the Konmari method through extensive practice, feedback and support from the KonMari team, and from my work with paid clients.

I am also a seasoned digital marketer. I have 10+ years of digital marketing experience working as Marketing Director at the NYC-based ad agency.

I never knew that optimizing clients’ campaigns can cross with optimizing people’s homes until I read Marie Kondo’s book “The Life Changing Power of Tidying Up”.

The book swept me off my feet like a tsunami, starting a transformation journey in all areas of my life as soon as I started organizing my home beginning with my closet.  The biggest gift this journey offered me was the opportunity to be of service to others and help people create homes that spark joy because when that happens true magic begins.

In my blog I am sharing deeper insights about the Konmari method of home organizing along with my own organization experience and my observations from helping others.

Hope you’ll enjoy it.